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JFM Concepts, LLC.

Personalized Direct Marketing

VDP Mail creates personalized 1:1 direct mail that utilizes the demographic and psychographic information created by Profile Complete. Increase response rates and improve ROI by using direct mail to target only those prospects that have already expressed interest in your product or service. Seamlessly integrate 800# tracking and a robust email marketing platform. Easily create an automatic lead generation program.

Why direct mail in the digital age?

Cross Media Integration

VDP Mail integrates seamlessly with VDP Web® to provide a Personalized URL (PURL) that loads a unique web page which captures the visitor, reinforces the call to action, and sends real time email alerts to your sales force. A detailed reporting module tracks every aspect of the campaign and is available online 24/7. The system can include fully integrated cross media with email, QR codes, SMS Text, unique 800# tracking & more.

More on how it works

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