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Use Direct Mail to Build Email Lists

Leverage traditional campaigns to build opt-ins

Even if Forrester Research is right and 25% of all marketing is digital by 2017, that still means that 75% of budgets will be spent on traditional channels. Since the “wow” factor and good returns are to be had in the email and mobile space, it behooves marketers to make sure they nurture those channels from their direct response mail campaigns.

The VDP Mail® platform adds generic URLs and QR Code functionality at no additional cost. VDP Web®, the industry’s leading landing page and content management system can turn push campaigns into strong engagement opportunities by:

  • Engaging customers with social media, landing page links, and QR Codes
  • Providing opt-in opportunities at every web contact
  • Leveraging included survey’s and easy opt-in forms to build contact databases
  • Featuring improved tracking in a unified dashboard linked to all JFM products

To learn more on how your direct mail campaigns can drive successful cross media engagement, visit VDP Web cross media marketing.

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